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Who Loves Road Bikes?

Love all kinds of cycling, but my favourite is road.  Love my road bike and generally all road bikes.  If you do too, then join the group and LIVESTRONG.

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Who will be Top 3 in this years Tour de France & Why?!

Started by 由 Paul O' Halloran开始。最后回复由 Last reply by Neil Stevens 1月 Jan 19, 2011发布。 2 Replies

Lance Armstrong will certainly be up there, whether he wins or not we will see. I hope he does, but lets see how his season goes until the prologue.......which there isn't any this year so the first…继续 Continue

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ZHN Admin
评论 Comment by Leonard on 1月 January 23, 2014 at 14:15

Invite to Zhuhai bike riders!

Friday evening, February 28th, Phil and Jerry Grey will go to Zhuhai
Saturday morning, March 1st, as the sun rises they will get pictures from the Border crossing at Gongbei then ride to Zhongshan together.

About 11am we will all meet for a light drink at O'Hagans 
About 12 noon we will depart O'Hagan's and ride to Xiao Lan

They will arrive in XL between 1 and 2pm (even the slow riders can do it in 2 hours) and a lunch with drinks will be provided by O'Hagan's there.

After lunch, party on...

Phil and Jerry will not be partying on because the next morning, they start the journey properly. Rene Foster and Paul Jolley (more welcome) will also ride from Xiao Lan for at least one day to keep them company 

More at

ZHN Legend
评论 Comment by Ken Yuen on 2月 February 26, 2013 at 16:45
Neil, I recently got myself a 2nd hand specialized Tarmac Road bike. I ride 12km to work everyday. At night I ride may be 40-50 km a few days a week. Average pace around 28-30km/h. Sunday sounds good. But how early are we talking about? LoL

ZHN Admin
评论 Comment by Mark Clulow on 2月 February 26, 2013 at 16:40

Cycling is the best way to get out and see the town... only I always burn my ears in the sunshine hahahaha

评论 Comment by Neil Stevens on 2月 February 26, 2013 at 13:45

Ken, yes it's been a LONG while since anyone commented here, I created this group andpoeple joined it but no-one ever talked about getting together for rides.  In the end throughwork here I made a good friend who got into cycling himself and then he introduced now another good friend.  The 3 of us now ride and run regularly together.  We tend to ride on Sunday mornings, how does that suit you?  Questions...What do you ride? How far doyou like to ride?  What's your average pace?

ZHN Legend
评论 Comment by Ken Yuen on 2月 February 25, 2013 at 12:11

The last comment was 2011? Come on, cycling should be more active here in Zhuhai. Whats going on? Anyway, Was riding back from an outing yesterday, reach Huafa riverside around 4, saw someone on a red road bike going quiet fast north bound. Was it any of you? I want to join some of you guys for riding. 

评论 Comment by Aristov Pavel on 10月 October 7, 2011 at 11:00
Hi Neil. I`m not clear what happend with ex`Your Dart2 fork but I appreciated that our shop in ZH have good servise..)))))). Actually main problem of China that shops didn`t buying spare parts for fork servicing... Such happend cose local dealers didn`t offer parts for sale. Last year I asked SRAM`s representative in SZ about service My SID Team fork - LockOut not working. They said - need send to Taiwan, haven`t service center in China... So... I`m still havetn`t LockOut ))))))))). Other problem is that RockShox recommended volume of oil and actual oil volume in fork is different. They put a little less on factory... It is just peoples stories but most is true. I think My trouble in oil qty also, but I wont send My fork to Taiwan... More simple sell it out and by new one, such is Your situation... Any case Dart2 is just Coil fork, have steel springs and some oil inside, but Guandong climat is hot and so wet and everything be rusty if keep outside. So, My bike living together with Me and I add 2 drops of oil to each top gland before riding every time (see fork manual)...
评论 Comment by Neil Stevens on 9月 September 10, 2011 at 22:47
Must be quick, another ride tomorrow morning, have to sleep!  However must report this...Fellow Cylists, (all kinds), today I took my 6 month old Format Mountain Bike, back to the Format store down the road from GLV, why?  Well, my Rock Shox Dart 2 Forks supplied with the bike blew up on me only last week by popping a pin out of one side just from going off a kerb!  Pin screw shredded and so I was not chuffed!  Anyway, took it to the store who have been great to me all along for, (servicing, disounting well and treating me nicely indeed up to this point) expecting a more frosty reception to this problem.  Thought they may accuse me of not using forks properly, or say that I must have hammered off a hillside and planted them into a rock or something!  Anyway, get this, none of that came up!  They just looked once at it and said, (via my wife chatting in Chinese over phone and some broken English), 'this should never happen, we are so sorry'.  We will replace them for you with a brand new set of the same forks, or if you wish give a very good discount on a new and better set.  I took the second option and got...Manitou R7 Pro's, a realy beautiful set of forks for...1200 RMB.  They started at 2500 and yet the store gave me the price of the new Rock Shox Dart 2's, plus a discount for the problem as compensation.  Throw in the free fuit, ice cream and water they kept giving me to cool me off from my ride over and then finally add the service of 2 mechanics, using all the right tools to shave, cut and put it all together with swift precision, including 'feeling the bars' with eyes closed in order to line them up, and then you have just an awesome customer care and attention story.  It was the kind of service I would not even expect to get back in the UK!  So bikers, if you want parts, service etc, consider the Format shop, as it has a truly fantastic attitude.
评论 Comment by Neil Stevens on 9月 September 4, 2011 at 15:39

OK, cannot upload the pics here as the uploader just won't work!

评论 Comment by Neil Stevens on 9月 September 4, 2011 at 14:45

Have had the joy of riding with friends recently, Pano the other week - thanks my man, you did great, but get rid of those ciggies and who knows where you'll get to.  Today a nice 25 miles leg stretch, giving my good friend Naveed a Zhuhai Bike Shop Tour.  Although it was stop and start we did well so, great ride today man, now join the group and enjoy the pics!


评论 Comment by Neil Stevens on 8月 August 6, 2011 at 17:07

Getting back out there once again and back on it as well, although hit a wall today, in the energy sense!  Took the nice costal route I like out to the pearl lady and upon the return, rounded a bend to be hit with the wind straight into the body!  I had manged to hold onto my target average of 20mph for 40 minutes up to that point and then 'bang' my legs had no answer and I fell away to 15.4mph speed for a while!  However recouped and took on the big hill via the main road, that's just down from Jida, up and over and an instant return.  Whole ride 22.5 miles in 1hr15 and not so bad.  Also hit 36 mph on both sides coming down, but that's still not the 38.9mph I hit powering off the Huafa Century City Bridge last week!!  Must break that 40 barrier soon!


Other news - just shocked to discover that HTC-Highroad will cease to exist at the end of this season.  Bloody HTC giving up sponsorship despite the squad being ranked no.1 in the world for the last 4 years and of course in that time producing the finest lead out train for a long time, which finally resulted in The Green Jersey for Mark Cavendish in this years tour!  Why stop sponsoring such a fine squad, in such a great position?!  Now extra glad I own and I Phone 4 and no HTC product, idiots!  Now that great train will be fragmented and of course Cavendish will have to build a new one elsewhere, which could take a couple of years and may be during his peak of potential!  Bad day for cycling when such a great squad is broken up and the potential for the World's best sprinter is diminshed.  Can't understand it at all.  Good luck Cav with finding a suitable place to go to and quickly building a lead out train that will bring you all the victories you deserve.  May you go down in the history books as your potential suggests you will.

Finally, onto better news, The Tour of Bejing has recently been accepted into the UCI's world tour calendar and so the official world of the Pro Peleton could be on it's way here!  Will just have to go and see it for sure!


Bye for now. 


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